Jan Lubomirski- Lanckoroński  the president of Landeskrone Group – holding successful in estate branch. Unique combination of tradition and modernity is the key to it dynamic development. In their activities companies relate to history as well as experiment with  it showing from a new perspective. As a result the old buildings revive their former glory. The main aim of the group is building new housing and commercial estates as well as restoring the existing ones designed to meet the requirements of the most sophisticated clients in the biggest polish cities like Warsaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Poznan and Lodz. The companies are involved in complex developing activity in owned estates which covers the whole transition process from purchase of the estate, through rebuilt and finishing to sale of the fully equipped apartments and renting office and commercial space. The distinctive feature of the estates is their high energy - efficiency and extensive use of green solution technologies.


Buildings owned by the group are characterized by originality of form and adornment which creates unique atmosphere of the interior design. Through comprehensive rebuilding and adjusting to modern requirements historic buildings achieve new visual side . They become fully utile office centres and housing estates that astonish with nineteenth and twentieth century interior design combined with modern equipment. Attractiveness of the buildings is enhanced by presence of widespread green areas. The operating cost are limited by use of the most sophisticated ecological technologies such as solar batteries, rainwater harvesting system, wall insulation techniques and modern windows.







Art D’ Eco House is one of the key investments lead by Landeskrone Group. Its  author and visionary   is Jan Lubomirski. His dream was to create exceptional building fare from standard approach to such projects and at the same time being a part of already existing building environment.
The project consists of a few luxury apartments covering space varied from 53 m2 to 258 m2 with spacious balconies,  green patio and garden. On the fourth floor two- level apartments finished with highest standard are located, covering space above 200 m2  and giving the opportunity to freely arrange space.  Asset of the building  is access to private, green terraces located on the roof which enhances comfort of living.
The quality of the interior design is highlighted by decorative ledges, elegant parquet floor as well as stylish furniture. Each space will be  distinguished by  high solar exposure. Additionally penthouses will be fully equipped with  high tech domestic appliances, fireplaces, air-conditioning and  spacious balconies. Another advantage will be access to relaxation zone created on underground  floor. Sauna and gym located on this level will be accessible solely to inhabitants which will guarantee privacy.
There are many modern ecological solutions applied in the building. It is equipped with windows limiting loss of heat and economical central heating system. It is also worth to mention that solar panels will be placed on the roof which will reduce utility costs due to possibility to heat water free of charge and produce pure energy. Walls will be insulated with advanced materials which will prevent loss of heated air. Heating system and air conditioning will affiliate keeping desirable level of temperature in the apartments.
Investment was divided into two stages. First one affects frontal building – renovation and further development. Currently apartments are on sale and preliminary work aimed at building: recreation zone, underground car park, penthouses and arranging adjoining space has started. At the second stage the building located in the second building line will be finished.  More information on the investment is available on the web




Is an exclusive office estate which was built during an interwar period in Gdańsk. It is located on a spacious plot surrounded by old trees which is close to communication routes of Triple City. It is rented by companies and commercial institutions. The investment is on the first stage. First project assumes complex renovation of the historic estate aimed at meeting needs of modern tenant. According to plans it will consist of nine facilities which space will vary from 35 – 126 square meters located on three floors.

Assets of the estate are its location, expanse of the plot and unique solutions and original style of design. Attractiveness of the estate is enhanced by an exceptional roof construction, original wood paneling of historical value, shape of the staircase and elegance as well as minimalism of the decor. The techniques that are planned to be used to renovate the estate will respect its historical character. Due to this approach most vital distinctions will be sufficiently highlighted.  Arrangement of facilities has not changed since the beginning of the twentieth century and still is functional.

The part of the investment process is adjusting estate to the needs of sophisticated tenants. Re-built of the heating system and electrical installations are planned together with arrangement of attic, creating parking space and applying “green technologies” such as solar batteries. Currently works aimed to prepare investment cover legal procedure review and  alarm installation. Further stage of  plan  predicts arrangement of the whole plot covering space of 2333 square meters.




Is another investment of Jan Lubomirski. Currently the project is at the stage of preparation. The investor was granted permission to start works according to outline planning decision issued by the authorities. Soon a hotel of the economy class will be build. It will be distinguished from its surrounding by original form of architecture, interesting design and extensive use of “green technologies”. Its location is at the heart of Krakow City, one of the most frequently visited by foreign tourists cities in Poland. The idea concerning architecture assumes development of the entire plot which has capacity of 600 square meters. The hotel will offer fifty rooms with bathrooms, reception desk available 24/7, restaurant, underground parking, wireless internet and lift.

The hotel will be equipped with green technologies which enable reducing utility costs.  Mounting of the wooden windows with lowest heat loss indicator is planned as well as solar batteries, rainwater harvesting system, green patio located on the roof, heat pump and modern walls insulation.
Undeniable assets of this investment will be: appliance of ecological solutions reducing utility costs, location in a strict city center in the proximity of botanic garden, it accessibility in terms of transport, distinguished appearance, development of services connected to accommodation such as event organization or guide services, experience of the investor. Target group of this budget type hotel will consist of visitors who value comfort of accommodation, proximity of tourist attractions, possibility to rest among green surroundings as well as aware of the challenges concerning environment protection.


Lubomirski Palace


In the strict  center of Łodz luxury office building of exceptional elegant form will be built. The idea behind this project was to smoothly blend tradition with modern technologies. Planned infrastructure will assure comfort of work at the highest level. Building will be equipped with lift, facilities for disabled people, air-condition, modern systems of fire protection and  burglary alarm as well as CCTV monitoring. For tenants comfort 24/7 access to reception desk will be provided together with VIP zone, conference facilities, garden and guided parking located on the plot.


Location of the estate in the proximity of Piotrkowska Street as well as equipment and décor will enhance prestige. Decorative elements in the office will be: floors made of natural stone, fine pieces of art, crystal chandeliers and ledges of elaborative forms. Possibility of  unassisted shaping of the office space will be provided in order to adjust it to particular character of the tenant’s business activity. Communication will be facilitated through telecommunication infrastructure. Security of information will be provided by private server room. Interior design will be an example of ‘20’s. It will be tribute to golden age of industry in Łodz and municipal palaces. This is a perfect location for companies and institutions who praise prestige, care about brand and customer comfort. Offices will meet needs of financial institutions, authorities or law firms.


First stage will end up with finishing luxurious office building. Second will aim to build multi-purposed facility with capacity of 100 square meters.  Room will be fitted with sound system, special lightening, chimney, separate sanitary knot and food facilities. It will host business events, scientific conferences, receptions of various kind, weddings and other events. In the long term building of underground parking and new building situated in the depth of  the spacious plot.




It is one of the most luxurious investments run by Jan Lubomirski. It will be located at the heart of old Warsaw  at Wiejska Street 3. It will be a symbol of devotion to the past and follow on from a family tradition as in the beginning of the twenty century one of the most impressive municipal palaces belonged to Lubomirski Dukes was located there. This undertaking is on the stage of preparations.
Décor and form will reward achievements of the Second Republic of Poland. As a model example Poselski Hotel will be set. It will also attempt to reconstruct concept of closing of Wiejska Street with the gate consisting of two  palatial objects of arched fronts. According to the project elegant, classical décor elements together with long, slender pillars and original lightening will be used. Due to this efforts estate will gain distinctive character which will result in becoming one of the most reputable location in the capital.

Location of interactive Museum of Princes Lubomirski and headquarter of Princes Lubomirski Foundation is planned on one of the floors. It will gather exhibits reflecting family’s activity during the city development. The investor’s  will is to develop this project in cooperation with Parliament authorities as the Dukes of Lubomirski Family took an active part in establishing this institution.

This fact explains why in the part of the estate access of the public  will be provided. Commercial space of the building will cover approximately 5700 square meters. It will be distinguished by stylish, build on circle diagram staircase in art deco style and elegant décor. This will be another location where luxury commercial  and office spaces can be rented and use for public aim as well. The whole estate will be an interesting place on the map of contemporary city development which will link different activities like : science, social work, public and business engagement.




Jan Lubomirski- Lanckoroński as president of Euro Invest contributed to building this estate located at the heart of Warsaw at Wspolna Street 62. Ufficio Primo gives the guest and workers possibility to cherish exceptional  feeling of luxury. Unexampled quality expressed in A+ rank confirms one-of – a kind character of this place. This uniqueness is vying with functionality and renaissance of style exist in harmony with modernity. Ufficio Primo consists of 10 000 square meters of intimate, elaborative, intriguing  in every detail composition which gives business a touch of glamour.
The building is fitted with most advanced heating-conditioning- sewerage systems, panoramic  lifts and safety securing appliances. Technical installation and structural net enable  flexible arrangement of the space. Office facilities are located on six floors additionally on two underground floors multipurpose conference center is placed.
At tenants disposal there are available 30 over the ground parking places ahead of the building  as well as this  located in underground parking in an adjoining building.
 Only true elegance can resist  the time flow. Ufficio Primo situated in astrict center of Warsaw is a one-of-a kind jewel of polish postwar architecture. Edifice designed by Marek Leyman and build in the ‘50’s  initially as a headquarter of the Government Presidium hides inside many done with style solutions inspired by italian renaissance. Due to renovation and modernization its exceptional image was revived.  New business features will enhance its intriguing image.
Ufficio Primo is located in a  unique dynamic environment. In the proximity of the building historic church of Saint Peter and Pavel can be found. Frontal entrance is surrounded by park with fountain. From the windows view of  city bustling with life can be spotted with it symbol  Marriott Hotel and Culture and Science Palace. More information concerning this investment is available on the web page

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